Arriving at work on a beautiful sunny Monday morning to collect my register, following a beautiful 20 mile Sunday walk along the canal in the sun, I collapsed. No warnings, no feeling faint, no feeling unwell; just crash! Whatever was wrong? I had been bitten by a Horse Fly the previous day… was it infected? The first aider at work took my blood pressure, which was scarily low, and therefore escorted me to the local pharmacy. The pharmacist refused any help and directed me straight to the GP, where I was immediately signed off work for 1 month – exhaustion. Really? Exhaustion? But I felt fine… or so I had kept telling myself.
The truth was, I never felt fine. Bringing up 3 children: 2 with mental health and learning disabilities, working in prison education on a career path, and running the family home, I simply kidded myself that I could cope; I was FINE! Over the years I had had a few bouts of prolonged illness, usually depression, and I would brush myself off and carry on. Now, it seemed, my body was to be fooled no more. Life was tough, and so was I, but clearly not that tough.
The doctor had ordered me to rest saying I had Labrynthitus and exhaustion. Rest? How could I do that? Walking was the only thing that kept me sane, and there was no way my children with mental health and learning disabilities were going to understand this condition. Pressures at work were always present and not going to go away. So, I kept things going at work, remotely, and carried on running the home and caring for the children.
I got worse. I could no longer stand. Every muscle raged like a burning inferno, as if I had done a major workout for 10 hours or more; all of the time. I couldn’t sleep, and when I did I still woke up exhausted. Pills, pills and more pills from the Dr. More medical notes to sign me off work. Months went by. Finally, the day came when I reached rock bottom and collapsed in the Dr’s surgery. When he came to reception to help me I asked him to leave me. At this point I was physically and emotionally as low as I could go. He called an ambulance and I was admitted to hospital.
ME/CFS: the diagnoses was in. This was my fate. A one week stay in hospital. A minor op. And a life time of adjusting to this seemingly incurable illness. The doctors could do no more. Home I went to come to come to terms with what I had learned. An auto-immune disorder was to be with me for the rest of my days: or so I believed.
I Lost my senses: taste, smell, feel, hearing reduced, and on the day my daughter had to carry me the dozen steps to the toilet, as I was unable to walk there myself, I made my decision to seek out assisted suicide information: sitting in a chair and looking out at the world, being carried or pushed in a wheelchair, being unable to care for myself, was not a life I was willing to live. Not an easy discussion to have with a loving and supportive husband and step-father, and he agreed to work with me, to find a cure, and if one was not forthcoming in the next 12 months, we could revisit the discussion.
Pills..Chi-gong… meditation… yoga… pills… mindfulness… CBT… pills… nothing worked long term. Great initial responses and then the inevitable crash, sound familiar? Finally I came across the Lightning Process™, and signed up for the course. With no thought for how I would get there, or the financial cost, I simply knew it had to be worth a go … I sooo badly wanted to be well again. Nothing else mattered.

Day 1 I was helped into the training room and BOOM! I achieved change in day 1. I switched off the PER and regained the calm in my body almost instantly. The moment I heard the birds’ song, tasted the salty sea air, felt the fine grains of sand in my fingers and tasted the refreshing wine, I knew I was alive… and I have never looked back.

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Lightning Process Refresher

Hi all,


This bank holiday Monday (29th May) I will be running a follow-up LP training.  It seems the perfect time to brush up those amazing skills you learnt, and move forward into the summer months with all the energy and gusto you achieved when you first learnt the process.


When we come on the 3 day training course, we tend to focus on what we need at the time, and miss some of the other things we can benefit from by using the process fully.  So this is a great opportunity to ensure you are making the most of the training you have done so far.


People that have completed a follow-up session can’t praise it enough, as they go away with more energy and more ability to use the Process even more effectively.


We all know what an amazing training it is, so treat yourself this bank  holiday to a refresher of the skills in which you excel.


And remember – I do have limited space, so book early!!


To book you place on this refresher course, email:

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Don’t let the ‘should’ get you down!

In Mental Health Awareness week:

How many times in a day do we use the word ‘should’? You should’ve washed up; they should’ve checked first; I should’ve done that yesterday.

This week I seem to have used, and heard, this word a lot and came to question – what does it even mean?

Currently an extension is being built on my house and when the building inspector came to sign off the footings he declined saying that the apple tree was less than 2 metres from the footings and therefore the footings were to go deeper.  Whilst there were no visible roots, and this had a financial implication for me, and a logistical nightmare for the builders due to the fact that there was now a big hole where they needed to place the digger, it is his job to ensure the rules are followed for good reason and so we accepted our fate. 

Now, it occurred to me that the apple tree had been drawn on the plans and therefore asked why this hadn’t been picked up upon the application for building regs: thus saving the shocking additional cost and logistical nightmare for the builders.  He declined to answer giving me a politician’s response about ‘anything could show up once builders start digging, so we check at this stage’.  But the tree was a given, we ‘should have’ been told from the start that we would require double footings.  The conversation was going nowhere, both believing ourselves to be right, and left me feeling rather frustrated that he ‘should have’ seen my point and he ‘should have’ answered my question. 

Now, full of frustration I decided to go to my fitness class to cool off, and guess what… 19 people turned up with only 13 booked on: too many for the pool and hindered my normally great class:- they ‘should’ve’ booked on, ensuring the instructor wasn’t overbooked and members could enjoy the class.

Come the evening, students concerned with their upcoming exams claiming: they ‘should’ have more time: the teacher’s ‘should’ have taught them better: the government ‘shouldn’t’ have changed the exams.

Trump ‘shouldn’t’ threaten Korea; Theresa May ‘shouldn’t’ call an early election; we ‘shouldn’t’ exit the EU.

The list is endless…

The problem with the ‘should’ is that we address issues which we have no control over: I couldn’t control the building inspector; I couldn’t control the members at the pool; we can’t control the government.  So, if we can’t control things, is there any point worrying about them?  The other point to consider is whether it is factually true, or is it an opinion?

Well of course, it’s clear that these are all individuals’ opinions and they are neither right nor wrong: they’re opinions.  They are individuals’ opinions on what they believe to be right or wrong and of course, don’t make us as that individual right. 

Beliefs are what define us in the world.  They are formed throughout our lives and create our own limitations and ultimate prisons.  Some reading this, who have done the Lightning Process™ course, will be saying ‘yeah, we know’ and maybe the bigger question here is not ‘what does should really mean’, but ‘why do let the ‘should’ get us down?’  The answer is ‘we ‘shouldn’t’!  And there you have it – it’s a choice.  So the next time the ‘should’ gets you down – stand back and ask whether this is really worth getting upset about – or whether it’s better to say NO!  I choose to address my belief and move on.

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Ridgeway Nordic Walking. The group I am training to be an instructor with.

The Summer of 2016: Nordic Walk Instructor Training

This summer I decided to qualify as a Nordic Walk Instructor.  For this I needed to take the L2 sports and Fitness qualification as well as the Nordic Walk Instructors course.  Having enrolled on the course for August I thought it would be a doddle: on line learning comprising 2 x exams, 2 x worksheets and ongoing assessment over 2 x 2 day workshops.  All the materials arrived and I dutifully ignored them until the first workshop.  Keen on completing this in August I took little notice of where the course was being run other than LONDON.  Only when the time came to attend the course, did I need to work out how to get there and find accommodation.  Soon it became clear that SOUTH London was not so easy: a 2 hour journey by train or car.  No accommodation other than ‘hostel’ style.  Ho hum, just get it done. 

Upon arrival at the ‘hostel’ I was asked for ID, which I never carry: just a credit card, phone and small amount of cash in the main.  Thinking I may have to spend the night in the car, after a very challenging drive through the London streets in the dark, the night manager with his limited English reluctantly allowed me in, having taken my small amount of cash as security.  This was because he didn’t know how to use the credit card machine and had to wait for the day manager to take payment.  He gave me my room key and told me to take the lift to the 7th floor for a room number ending in ‘B’.  On finding the lift there were numerous messages around stating that ‘in case of the lift breaking down call this number …..,’  which didn’t inspire confidence, and on finding the 7th floor there was no room ‘B’.  The first lift didn’t seem to work and the control panel was falling off, so I had used the 2nd lift to go up.  I now decided to walk back down, with my bags, and ask where the room ‘B’s were.  It turned out that you were to enter through the door with the number on it, to discover room ‘A’ and ‘B’ hidden behind.  Why didn’t he tell me that in the first place?  Or have signs up to this effect? Back up I go.  On finding my room I discovered there was a shared bathroom, which had the ceiling falling down in both the room and the shower: no ventilation had led to this I suspect.  The bed was lumpy, sockets falling off the wall and lights not working.  I really could have just sat and cried. To my deep joy and only pleasure of this eventful evening: free wifi!  Oh the simple things in life J  quickly to bed for an early rise and full day of studying.

The sun rose over the amazing Crystal Palace Stadium, Parakeets were flying around in large numbers, people were actively engaging in workouts of fitness of mind and body and all was well with the world.  I went down for breakfast, which was a surprisingly good buffet style continental breakfast and met up with the trainers.  Two truly lovely and inspirational trainers and I knew today was to be a good day.  My fellow students arrived and we truly did have a fun filled day of learning to Nordic Walk with gusto.  It was during this day that I was told that we had to take the 2 exams in 2 weeks’ time.  Shock horror, I hadn’t even started looking at the online study material – but hey, how hard can a L2 qualification be?

Dinner with one of my study buddies in a lovely local pub, homework completed, back to the lumpy bed for a surprisingly good night’s sleep and early rise for a second day of studying.  All was well with the world when I checked out, completed the first assessments of the course successfully, and proceeded to home through our most magnificent capital city.  Marvellous.

Some intense studying took place during the next 10 days for the completion of homework tasks and preparation for the exams.  The online study aids were good, though limited and I found I was able to pass the practice test for one of the papers with ease, the 2nd was a little harder: who knew it was necessary to understand the full workings of the heart, veins, arteries, capillaries, muscles, energy systems……. And the list goes on!  Whilst I have always appreciated how amazing our bodies are, having learnt this I can see that they are even more amazing than I knew!

I decided one night at the ‘hostel’ would be enough this time so got up early and drove in for day 1.  Taking care to avoid central London and facing the congestion charge I went on the M25, which was fairly clear and led to a nice journey.  Upon arrival I checked in with the day staff and went to my room which was clean and in full working order, had breakfast and met the lovely trainers for the final part of the Nordic Walk Instructor Trainers, and fellow students.  Training was fabulous, all assessments passed,  and exam time came.  It is many years since I have taken a formal exam and even with the skills I have for calm, if you don’t know your stuff then you feel uncomfortable.  I was scoring around 80% on the second paper and had to get 75% to pass.  This was going to be tight, and dependant on the right questions.

Paper one, easy.  32 out of the 40 questions I knew, and did best guess on the remaining 8.  Paper 2 I knew 25 of the questions and had to do best guess on the remaining 15.  Not good as 28 was the minimum pass mark.  And then the waiting ensued. 

Time to get in the car and drive the Friday night traffic home from South London and through our beautiful capital city for the final time.

After 10 days the results came, as did the fine for non-payment of the congestion charge.  No advisory notice, just a fine but I didn’t care a jot because, I PASSED!  Such a relief.  All assessments passed, 2 exams passed and now awaiting the results of the worksheets.  These I am feeling confident with and completed them during the 10 days waiting for the exam results. 

All in all it was a challenging adventure from something I expected to be easy.  A good reminder of what our GCSE students go through and how important it is to have the skills to remain calm, focused and in the moment for which I have to thank Phil Parker and the Lightning Process™

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Great Time to Brush Up those LP Skills


Wednesday 27th January

10.00 – 12.00am


NexStep is  running a Lightning Process Refresher course on Wednesday 27th January and would like to offer you the opportunity to book your place.

Ideally this is best taken within 12 months of completing the course and goes over the main points of the original training.  The course lasts approximately 2 hours and you will gain the opportunity to further practice the steps of the LP with my guidance, and learn any updates that have been included. 

To brush up on those marvellous skills to support you in maintaining those New Year resolutions seemed like the perfect time to me.  So, if you feel that you would benefit from a little top up then do get in touch to book your place.  Places are limited, so do book early!

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Achieve Your Inner Potential!

A common theme from the majority of my clients is: where do you market yourself; It hasn’t been easy to find you. 

As a consequence of this I have decided to run a couple of marketing campaigns to help spread the word of my existence and the good work that I do.  Please feel free to share this with your friends!

 Firstly, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to sample my unique way of working at a bespoke level with you, as an individual and unique human being.   

Achieve your inner potential with Nexstep change.  To book your FREE 20 minute 1-1 discovery call, contact Ginger or and learn how to move forward in your life and health.

This is your opportunity to address areas of your life that you would like to change.  This may be habits, fears, phobias, relationships: especially at this time of year when there is an expectation of ‘fun family festive frolics’ which isn’t true for all of us.  Learn how to manage and change those feelings that you no longer want to hold.  This offer is open to all new clients and booking is easy via my website  Either give me a call, or message me and I’ll contact you with some convenient and varied times. 

Secondly, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to learn more about me and the areas of health and wellbeing in which I can help you by inviting you to a series of FREE talks I will be running now and throughout 2016!

Upcoming FREE talks with NexStep change.

Come along to one of my FREE regular talks to discover how we influence our health and wellbeing, and how we can influence this to being what we want.

Upcoming talks: Lightning Process, Weight, Fear, and Health

For dates and further information contact Ginger or

Space is limited for these talks, so be sure to book your place!

 It is true that we do influence our health and wellbeing, unconsciously and all of the time.  To quote a few of the great Mandella’s life learnings:

 “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

“I am the captain of my soul.”

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

These are powerful and influential quotes, but what do they really mean?  I’d like to invite you to one of my FREE talks in order to discover what these can mean to you, and how easily you can learn to unlock your own personal prisons of: Weight issues, Fear, and limiting Health issues and so much more. Contact Ginger or go to to book your place and find out more. Space is limited so be sure to get booked on!

Finally……………… I’m spreading the word logistically as well, and adding a location in Bedfordshire to my profile!  Watch this space to discover my marvellous new location…………………………

Take care everyone and remember:


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Free Talk on the Lightning Process

Whether you suffer with an Auto Immune Disorder, extreme headaches, pain, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, eating disorders….. come along and find out more about how you can manage your health and well being.

Wednesday 21st October @ Ginger Natural Health, St.Albans

10.00am – 10.30am

BOOKING ESSENTIAL, either send me a message or through Ginger



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worth the wait….

So finally, after 12 months in the waiting and the making, I finally got to deliver my Lightning Process talk to a multidisciplinary team of mental health workers, in one of the leading Mental Health Hospitals in the London area!  And here’s how it all unfolded, challenges and all………………….

Firstly, it was suggested to me that I approach this particular Mental Health Hospital, and introduce them to the Lightning Process.  Now this is a team of: social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapists; all working for and funded by the NHS.  The Lightning Process is an alternative therapy, and as such would tend not to be accepted by the NHS, though this is in flux at the moment and will hopefully change in the near future.  And some Dr’s do recognise its strength and support the work we do.

So, as you can see, this was not going to be an easy talk to nail, and certainly had the potential of being a tricky audience.  I recognised the importance of getting this group of professionals informed of the LP and its successes in order that they could make an informed choice as to whether they would refer clients, and work together to get them healthy change.

The talk itself took a year to secure, with emails and phone calls back and forth with my point of contact.  She was keen to hear all about it, and firmly believed it would be of interest to other professionals in the multidisciplinary team of staff.  There were funding issues; timing issues; permissive issues and finally exactly 12 months after the initial contact my tenacity and perseverance paid off and I had a date!!

Being in south west London, I decided it would be easier to drive than take the train.  Simple route around the M25/M4: leave early to allow for traffic – easy!

The day arrived; I checked the PowerPoint was working – yes, enough handouts – yes (I was told to prepare for up to 20 people!), the roads were clear – yes.  Marvellous: off I went, nice and early.  M25 was clear and I chose the M3 route which was also clear.  A beautiful sunny day as I approached Richmond with half an hour to spare and came to a halt.  Oh well, I was nice and early and the sun was shining and I’d never driven this route before so I just enjoyed the views.  Tick tock, tick tock: twenty minutes to spare.  Tick tock, tick tock: I was crawling along and the area was stunning.  Over the Thames, beautiful; slowly into the car park at exactly 10.30am, being my expected arrival time.  The lady I was to meeting came out of the main door just at the same time and introduced herself! Amazing!  She took me to the secretary who took me to the presentation room and helped me to set up.  All was going well until the projector wouldn’t connect with my computer – hmmm.  ‘do you have it on a memory stick? We could then run it on our computer’  and guess what – I did!  Calmly I handed over the memory stick and she set about setting up their computer with my memory stick and guess what – that didn’t work either!  She was getting stressed by the technology and called someone in to look at it, I continued setting up the chairs and putting the leaflets around the room.  Another chap came in and couldn’t get the projector to communicate with the computer and I suddenly remembered someone showing me a few buttons to press to make this happen.  I suggested I might take a look and hey presto – a picture on the screen and 5 minutes before people were due to arrive – oh yes!

People started to arrive; I remained calm and delivered my presentation to a team of 15 NHS professional staff, and even remained calm when the embedded video failed to run.  They asked me many challenging questions which I answered with elegance and ease.  One staff member was extra tricky and asked a question which I couldn’t answer, and in good old Walt Disney style I assured her it was such a good question that I had never been asked this before and would be sure to gain an answer and email it to her:  Which I did. 

At the end, I packed up and had an easy drive home and felt very proud of myself.  There were many challenges in the day that I could have got very anxious about but didn’t.  I could see I had no control over the traffic, so enjoyed the moment.  I had no control over the technology being tricky, so left it to those with more knowledge and by remaining calm I actually did resolve the issue.  I did have control over my expertise of the Lightning Process and the presentation I was delivering and trusted in this and answered all questions with good grace and understanding.

The feedback was highly positive: more people attended than normally attend outside speakers presentations and all were engaging and with many asking the host more about it after I left.  It is possible some referrals may be made and for that I will be truly thankful for the clients.  Because they are the ones that matter in all of this: the clients.  It’s not about right – wrong, NHS accepted or not.  It’s about answering the simple question of ‘can we help the client?’ if the answer is yes, then let’s work together and move people forward into good health

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Fancy a walk?

One of my passions is walking, as you may know!

This week I will be leading a group of  people on a 2 hour Nordic Walk.  Nordic walking is great fun and great exercise and if you think you might like to learn more about it then please follow the link below

And if you think you would like to join me, then do let me know!! the more the merrier.  All the details and booking information are available on the Ridgeway Nordic Walking Website.

Take care and hope to see you soon.






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