Monthly Archives: March 2013

walk prep update

well, a little behind on the steps front today as my target was 7000 and i\’ve only achieved 4500:( this is ok though as i have been busy with other things. I\’ve been at work all day today and sourced a fancy cake for the raffle and a very generous donation plus located a baggage transfer company that should be able to help with the south west coastal area. A pretty good days work in all and tomorrow I will walk 8500 steps:)

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I\’m back!

Well, what an interesting time I\’ve been having. After spending a fabulours week with my dear friend Fran in Finnish Lapland, i had 3 weeks in bed with Flu!
Glad to say I am now really well again and back on track. Busy planning the bag transfers and catching up with things in general.
I have discovered Nordic walking and loving it. Last week I managed to walk a grand total of 14 miles, which is less than I will be doing in a day on the walk. My target for this week is 28 miles which is an average of 4 miles per day. An increase on last week and still a long way off the target of 100 miles per week. So, watch this space for how it all goes.
The book is selling well and if you haven\’t seen it, then take a look on amazon. It really is worth it.

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