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What a beautiful day

I have now completed a 9 mile walk including 3 of Nordic walking. It really was lovely today. I walked along the canal, enjoying the sun and the smiling faces. A little sun really does bring out the best in people I feel. Today was good in many ways. I have now discovered that the new battery charger pack I have for my phone works: whoop whoop. This is a big deal as it has been a concern as to how to map the route without this amazing technology. All I need to do now is find an app that will provide us with a walking route and map it to the blog. Any Ideas? today also made it apparent that walking in the sun does require a lot more water than I had with me today; quite dehydrated so been drinking loads and hope to clear the headache sooooon:)
Had dinner with mum and she gave me a generous donation to help with the expenses which was very kind and supportive. Not sure we\’ll see each other again before I go so it was especially nice to spend some time with her. We downloaded some books onto her kindle so she is up and running with her new toy. She\’s amazing how she takes to this new technology so well. Not bad for an 80 year old! good genes:) So now time to enjoy some more water and wine and rest up ready for another big walk with the main man.

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On Saturday 20th April we held a fund raising quiz at the Bricklayers in Aylesbury. Well, what a fun night we had. Not only did we have a great turn out but we also had great fun. We raised a nice sum of money which will help us on our merry way. Thanks so much to Olivia for her talents and generosity, and to \’Reg\’ who donated sooooo much in addition to the quiz, and to all those amazingly generous and warm hearted participators who gave so freely of their time, money and humour.

Moving on, I have had approval from all management teams to go ahead with a cake sale at work next week. The tea lady is going to take cakes around the admin block with my charity tin, and the education staff are going to donate the cakes. One lady is making a themed cake for me to raffle – how fab is that?! so, today I set about advertising the event and walked around the whole establishment for 2 hours in silly shoes: I now have sore feet! hahaha. They will heal/heel quickly I\’m sure. The walk to the photocopier was a challenge though:)

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Free talks on the Lightning Process

well I\’ve now delivered my last free talk before I go off on my walk. We had a lovely intimate group who were all fully engaged and felt enlightened by what they learned. in fact they were so inspired that a couple of them have enquired about taking the training in the next few weeks. How marvellous that more and more people are hearing about this wonderful process and taking these life changing opportunities.

Heather will be continuing the talks in my absence so do keep an eye on the dates, if you\’re interested in going along to one.

I will be appearing in the gazette again over the next couple of weeks, and will be in the Hemel Mag for April. keep reading and seeing how amazingly well things are going, it\’s all very exciting and hectic and I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I\’m enjoying doing it.

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Lightning Process course

Well the April course delivery went brilliantly. I had a lovely lady with me who made some fantastic changes and is now able to continue with her amazing life the way she wants too. It was very exciting to be delivering from the new premises in Berkhamsted and all went swimmingly. A special thankyou to Mark for coming to get me on the last day, as I had taken my car which is too small to fit my flip chart and mat in! He is a lovely man:)


The next course will be running from the 2nd – 4th May and there is still a place available.  Do contact me if you think this is something which would be of interest.  The next course will be early August; when I get back from the walk.  Take care to one and all.

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3 weeks to go

well, I have my new walking boots thanks to Auroras Encore and little bet I placed:) all in good fun and a 100-1 a nice little return. so my new boots are call Encore. Everything is going very well now. Really pushed for time as I am working or walking just about every day for the next 2 weeks. it will all come together I\’m sure. It\’s the quiz tomorrow and we have 5 or 6 teams which is fantastic. I\’m really looking forward to that. Thanks to the LGC for a lovely raffle prize. I\’m sure a wonderful evening will be had by all. The Gazette have taken the next part of the story from me today, so that should be out next week and will hopeful generate some kind donations to the charities and walk. So more updates to follow and more regularly as I move more into the walking and less in the working:)

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