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Day 18: Drymen – Milngavie (Milguy)

Today started with a shower. The mood didn’t need dampening as I was already too aware that this was the final stretch of what had been a most beautiful walk.

Fortunately the sun did come out, and with my refreshed feet we hit the road to Milngavie. A short 12 mile strole on easy grounds of footpaths and woodlands, we watched as Conic Hill and the Trossachs faded into the distance. A pleasant enough walk with the lovely smell of the bluebells and the odd midgie coming to life brought us to our resting place in good time.

Ellie at the Allander guest House was most welcoming and immediately set about our washing and making us feel at home. Thanks Ellie. 1 rest day and clean clothes to go. I really am a lucky girl.

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Day 17: Rowardenan-Drymen

Well what a lovely day. After an early night I was slow to wake up, and when I finally did I realised I’d packed my day bag all wrong: the sun was blazing! So quickly ditched the water proofs and donned sun cream and glasses and went on our merry little way.

A truly beautiful walk along Loch Lomond and through the Trossachs.  A little climb up Conic Hill to the most spectacular view of the Loch. Al had an elongated tea break at the top as it took me a further wee while to make it up there! A long slow and undulating decent brought us into Drymond where the lovely B&B owner’s daughter does Thai foot massages. So guess what- yes, I had one:). Well, it’d be rude not to 🙂

Last day on the WHW tomorrow which is a little sad. We’ve had a lovely time in these hills, meeting lovely people and enjoying all the scenery.  It rained in all the right places and now we’re due sun for a final day. Then a rest day – whew. Then I’m sure we’re in for some even more spectacular events as we wind our way down the country.

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Day 16: Drovers Inn – Rowardenan

Toughest part of the walk. Dry and lovely. Beautiful scenery on Loch Lomond.   Up and down scrambling over rocks. Was concerned by this one in advance as everyone said it was tough and even tougher doing it backwards. Yes it was tough though beautiful.

The waterfalls were calm today after the raging torrents of yesterday for which I was most grateful. This part of the walk has you scrambling on cliff edges which could be terrifying with fresh rain! How lucky were we to have this walk on a dry day?! Alec marched ahead in his relaxed and speedy manner, leaving me to negotiate the obstacles of rocks, tree roots, mud, puddles sheer climbs up and down, all to the amazement of other walkers. I negotiated all obstacles with precision and elegance and just the occasional ‘ oh Fxxx’ for which I apologised to the lady at the top of the almost vertical climb and she laughed and agreed with the sentiment 🙂

So at the end of the 16 miles we found our B&B CoilleMhor. A lovely welcome, quick bath and a lift to the pub for dinner. Lovely. Quick eats for me and a 1.5 mile walk back to blog and catch an early night ahead of a slightly less challenging 14 miler tomorrow to Drymen.

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Day 15: Tyndrum- Drovers Inn

A very wet start to the day. First one! And it didn’t stop until about half hour from the end! i was soaked to the skin and loved every minute. The only way to see Glencoe is in the rain. The waterfalls were full and gushing in full splendour. As a child, my grandmother of 106 always said Scotland was best seen in the rain, and how right she was!

Upon reaching our destination for the night, I was soaked right through and didn’t care. The  1700 Inn boasted a luxurious charm and welcome. With no Internet access, all we could do was go to the bar where we met a couple from Chesham. Lovely couple who’d fallen prey to the charms of the bar at 3pm and were still drinking with us at gone 11! Such staminer.

The evening was too good, with live music and good ale it was rude to leave. The owner, Ernest came and chatted and was fascinated by what Al and I were doing. He took my card to put our details on the Drovers Inn website to help spread the word of the Lightning Process and the charities we are raising funds for. Good Job Ernest: thanks. Consequently, after several ales and a wee tipple it was a late night with an early rise for the alleged most challenging part of the WHW!! Excellent!!



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Day 14: Kings House – Tyndrum

We woke to low lying cloud across the mountains and the beautiful freshness of the air – wonderful. A 19 miler ahead we set off just after 9. The path runs pretty much along the A82 so whilst pretty, never remote. A quiet and calm day with minor ups and downs in the path. I took the opportunity of calm to enjoy my Buddha Cafe music whilst drinking in the sites and smells and taste of the freshness of the mountain air.

We arrived at the Glengarry Guest House in good time to bgreeted n by Ellen who did us a lovely dinner, did our washing and provided a good wifi connection FOC. Wonderful. So now I’m up to date with the blog I shall bid goodnight and aim for photos another day. Time for sleep and prep for a tricky 15 miler tomorrow.

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Day 13: Kinlochleven – kings house Glencoe

Long slow climb out and lovely sites on the route. Lovely guest house with Elsie in Kinlochleven with loads of everything available. Lovely weather. Short walk 9.5. Infamous devils staircase easier than portrayed. The  site of kings house was very welcome with deer and beautifully surrounded by mountains. And then I remembered that this was the place with dirty water :0

We had a lovely meal; there’s a lot more variety in the food as we’re moving down the country and I had a much welcomed early night. I really am startling to feel tired now and still haven’t lost any weight!

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Day 12: Corpach/Fort William – Kinlochleven

Slow start following a long day yesterday. Good weather and an easy 18 miles ahead. The path was lovely though steep to begin and by mid afternoon I was shattered. Al went ahead as normal and the path cleared of all walkers. Suddenly I was completely alone with the sheep. No-one anywhere to be seen I found myself feeling very vulnerable and alone. Fear started to set in and this was a very uncomfortable feeling. Never before have I been in a place where no-one can see or hear you. Except, that is, for the sheep with hay fever! Have you ever heard a sheep sneeze? This poor little mite couldn’t stop.

So eventually arriving at our guest house with the lovely Elsie I indulged in the bath 🙂 and she ran us to the local pub for dinner. All good and off to bed to rest up for the next day.

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Day 11: Fort Augustus – Corpach

No internet for a few days so aim to catch up a little just now.

We did the 30 miler. Hooray. This was a huge personal challenge and I was chuffed to complete it in 11 hours. The walk was mainly flat along the Caledonian Canal, Loch Oich and Loch Leky. It was a pretty walk with mixed weather and Al was very supportive along the way. The last 5 miles were tough and Toby at our guest house was lovely. We took a taxi to the nearest pub where the food was great and the service was poor. All good by the end of the day and a good nights kip ahead of starting the West Highland Way.

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