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Day 46: Worcester – Tewkesbury

A fine start to the day took us out of Worcester, back onto the Severn. A pleasant enough walk through fields and riverbank. A light rain started later in the day which actually became quite wet. All was going well until the cows! A narrow field blocked by a herd of cows. My worst nightmare. Alec waited to support me through but they weren’t budging so we climberd the barbed wire fence into the next field. It was only in the bar later that he announced the fact that they were actually bulls! Seriously, why would a farmer put a herd of bulls in a narrow field with a walking path?

We survived to have a lovely meal with Alec’s friends who had come to share an evening and move our bags for a couple of days. A lovely evening meant no blogging, as the only Internet available was in the bar. Thanks Jane and Steve:)

A fairly easy 20 miles with a late night: will I regret this tomorrow?

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Day 45: rest day in Worcester

No picture! I have spent so much time in the moment, enjoying the day I forgot to take photos ๐Ÿ™

So today I have spent updating the blog and Al did the washing n I’ve been drying my clothes around the room/hanging out the window!

The highlight of th day was meeting Pippa. A wonderful Lightning Process practitioner based in Bristol and Worcester. She has been a star all the way through. She has supported me with encouraging messages and greeted me today with some beautiful flowers from her garden and strawberries which taste sweet and juicy and delicious. This was then followed by afternoon tea by the river and a wonderful chat and photos to support the LP.

When Pippa left I went to see the cathedral, just in time for evensong: how lovely. I don\’t consider myself religious these days, but having been brought up in the church it is very comforting to share in the rituals. I felt quite revived after my relaxing afternoon with Pippa and then the wonderful sound of the church organ and choir.

The next 12 days of walking are long and varied ahead of the next rest day. Getting close to the end now and it seems better to focus on what I have done rather than that which is yet to come: almost 700 miles; 44 days: 38 different beds and I don\’t know how many counties.

Do I still have ME? I don’t think so, do you?

Thanks Phil Parker and the Lightning Process.

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Day 44: Stourport on Severn – Worcester

Pam: my saviour!

Pam: my saviour!

This was to be a short walk of about 12 miles so Al was happy for a late start and I wasn’t. So far, all our short days have been scuppered with one thing or another and I wanted an early finish: lots of blogging to do, family phone calls and clients to call back. Tomorrow may be a rest day and I wasn’t going to risk anything stopping me from getting a good rest.

This was a straight forward walk along the river, and Al would catch me up within a couple of hours. All good. So off I went. Straight down to the river and headed to Worcester: easy. New boots again as the old ones were still wet; shortish walk so hopefully ok.

Al text to say he was on his way, weather was amazing, walk was beautiful and easy until! Yep, you guessed it, scuppered! The footpath was being quarried! Somehow I lost the path and ended up crawling over a mud bank onto a road where the lovely Neville and Pam came to my rescue. They directed me back to the river and offered me a lift…………..NAH, I walked and they met me at the pub and bought me a much needed drink. Once again I was challenged by my fear of being out of control but this time I remained much calmer and got on with it and drew a positive conclusion. Yay, I am writing new neurology.

So sitting in the pub garden with Neville and Pam, Alec wandered in with a new found friend: Greg. The pub was full of a range of fowl that were great. All sorts of chicken, peacocks and other things too. Lovely.

So on we went, calm and happy we wandered into Worcester and arranged to meet up with Greg later for dinner. This we did and had a great and relaxing evening ahead of our rest day.


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Day 43: Bridgnorth – Stourport on Severn

This day didn’t have the best start or middle, but the end came good: and we got through!

The Bear served a late breakfast: 9am. Bags collected by Alec’s friends involved a chat. Started moving into the walk about 10.30 and Al had a phone call. Eventually we were walking just before 11 with about 20 miles to do at 3 miles ph, max!

So finally we were on our way. I was forced to wear my new boots as my old ones were still wet: not great with so many miles to do, but needs must. We got about a mile into the walk when Alec realised he’d dropped his phone. On a riverbank walk this was like searching for a needle in a haystack. So he went back to search, and I walked on at a steady and comfortable pace. Whilst walking I was constantly ringing Al’s phone and eventually someone picked up. As they were walking in the same direction as us, this was really good news. So I stopped for a cuppa and Al appeared having given up his search, and pleased with my news ๐Ÿ™‚

Alec decided to go back to meet the lady with the phone and I walked on in the beautiful sun. I then came across the field in the photo-wow! So stunning!!

This really was a beautiful walk in lovely weather. Once again the green and pleasant lands.

Al finally caught up but we had lost a lot of time so it was necessary to come off the river and do the last few miles on the road. My feet were burning like crazy and Al was meeting a friend that evening so I was eating alone again and knew I couldn’t go out again as my feet were too sore, so stopped at a corner store to pick up chocolate, salad, chocolate and a bottle of wine.

This was a challenge beyond. Once again I called on the Lightning Process. Firstly to remain calm with the lost phone and walking alone by the river, then for the pain in my feet, and for dealing with eating alone again. All of these were managed brilliantly with the help of the process. I stayed calm, positive and focused. I managed the eating situation fantastically as Wimbledon had started and therefore enjoyed fine dining including my wine whilst watching the Hewitt game and loved every second.

The day came good; the B&B owner was a tennis fan so we had a good chat, I watched the tennis on the day Nadal was knocked out in the first round, and my feet had a much deserved rest. All with total calm. I am a powerful genius ๐Ÿ™‚



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Day 42: Shrewsbury – Bridgnorth

So we left Mark and went on our merry way. Mark passing us part way into our walk. This was another road walking day but in the rain:( really not much to say as it was head down and get the job done! Only the 2nd day that we got wet.

One good thing- there’s a photo. ย Just not much to photograph in the rain. ย haha

Alec had a friend here so he went and had dinner with her which gave me an evening to myself. Unfortunately, the pub we were staying in didn’t serve food so I had to venture out and find somewhere to eat. This isn’t something I’m very keen on doing but needs must. I found a good old wetherspoons which is fast and cheap and simple food. I had my IPad so read my book whilst enjoying the delights of a wetherspoons veggie Sunday roast ๐Ÿ™‚

A good time to use the Lightning Process and overcome old patterns and build the new neurology around confidence in eating in a bar on my own. Great stuff:)

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Day 41: Market Drayton – Shrewsbury

Well, we said farewell to the luxury of Ternhilll Farm and Mark, who moved our bags for us and walked back to join us for the last 3 miles.

Another day of tedious road walking lightened again by the knowledge that I’d be meeting Mark later. We met up just outside of the town in Starbucks of all places, and so felt obliged to have a coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

It really was lovely to walk these miles with Mark; sharing the experience and the sites of what is a most picturesque town. Having walked another 20 miles I didn’t feel up to taking more of a look around and so must visit at some point in the future. ย I rested my feet and later shared another meal with Mark by way of a rather lovely curry:) and then had some lessons in getting photos from my phone to my blog- yay! So from today forward we should get some photos!

The next day there was a marathon running through the town, so it took Mark over an hour to get out, and he passed us on the road whilst having our first tea break of the day!

So that was my weekend with my wonderful husband: over. Another 3 weeks until I see him again.

Missing my home and family is one of the biggest challenges. As all Lightning Process graduates know only too well, these are the thoughts that bring us down. It has been, and continues to be an area which I work on daily. Staying in the present and living for and loving the moment. With the skills I take from LP I am able to do this and I will go all the way.

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Day 40: Alsager – Market Drayton (Ternhill Farm)

Just a brief note here as I’m playing catchup! This was a fairly un eventful day of road walking about 20 miles. The challenge with all the road walking is the boredom: it’s all about getting there! The good news was that this was the day that Mark was coming to meet up with me so I was very keen to get there.

We did get there with relative ease and about 1 hour ahead of Mark. Time to get myself sorted ahead of dinner:)

This was a really lovely place to stay: lovely decor and attention to detail. A very well catered restaurant provided a proper meal and a bottle of wine whilst wearing my dress for the last time ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, I decided that it was unnecessary luxury that could go home with mark to lighten the weight in my bag.

So all in all a pretty good day I’d say:)

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