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sponsorship details

And so the deed is done: I have walked from 1 end of Britain to the other: 1020 miles in total.  For those who would like to be reminded of the sponsorship details, here they are:

I am raising money for Whizz Kidz and the Lightning Process. I did not set up my own just giving page and so this can be done through Alec’s, or through the donations icon on the web page. THANKYOU again for your support in all it’s forms.

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The End

Yes this is indeed the end of this journey. A journey which has taken my from 1 end of Britain to the other.  And now to summarise what happened.

Spreading the word of the Lightning Process over a 9 week period from 13th May – 13th July I walked 1020 miles (according to run keeper app).  Yes, I had an annoying American female voice in my ear for every single step of the way – keeping track on my mileage and pace. This duration comprised of 62 days in total and just 55 walking days with an average of 18.5 miles covered each day.  My longest walking day was 30 miles in Scotland walking part of the Great Glen Way.  This means that I have slept in 57 beds in 9 weeks – that doesn’t sound good, does it? 😉 and have visited 57 towns across about 21 counties.  Pretty amazing stuff I think 🙂

This walk came about because it is something I have always wanted to do, and when my friend Alec said he was doing it and was anyone interested in joining him I  just knew that it had to be me 🙂

As many know, I had ME.  I was virtually housebound and needed support to go outside.  Increasingly I was in need of a wheelchair as this illness just takes over your body.  Bit by bit parts shut down, and whilst medication treats the symptoms, the cause is left untouched.  I discovered the Lightning Process, thank goodness, as I was prepared to go down the road of assisted suicide as discussed with my amazing husband.  I could see no respite to this invasion of my mind and body and feared how ill I would become and the knowledge that I wouldn’t walk this beautiful land ever again.  Thankfully he persuaded me to wait 1 year and see what could be done.  I did, and I did the Lightning Process training programme and ran out of the training room and have been running – my life – ever since.  Phil Parker’s Lightning Process training programme looks at the cause rather than the effect.  By working with the mind a body connections it is possible to overcome conditions which traditional medicine is unable to achieve.  For more information on this, please contact me via the contacts on the web page or through Phil Parker.

I have been away from my family for the longest time ever and I have learnt how important they are to me and I am to them.  I have also learnt that I can step back from things and focus on what I do have control over and what’s important. I have discovered that help and support can come from and in a variety  of forms and people that maybe you wouldn’t expect.  I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the people of this land and beyond and have spent much of my time in tears as a result. Finally, I have learnt that I really do have an amazing mind and body, as do we all, and I really do have the tools to overcome challenges which would have defeated me in the past.

Thank you all for being a part of this incredible journey and sharing the moments with me.  Thank you Alec for allowing me to be a part of this amazing voyage through Britain.  For all of those who helped along the way – thank you.  It was wonderful meeting and meeting up with you and sharing the moments. Jan, I am so sorry you didn’t make it to Land’s End despite your incredible efforts: all those emits blocking the road!  You are a total star and we will have the champagne next time we meet.

Hopefully some of the many that I have spoken with about the Lightning Process will take the training and regain their health and wellbeing so they too can learn to live the life they love: live the dream!!!

And now it is time for me to live the reality dream – back to work to pay for it all – YAY!!!!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Day 62: Hayle – Land’s End

The final day has arrived.  Today was the day that I was to complete in excess of 1000 miles walking to achieve a lifelong dream and ambition to walk the length of Britain.  Not only was I to achieve my dream today, but also it was to be on one of the hottest days of the year!!!

Knowing it was to be hot, and knowing how I had been challenged by the afternoon heat the day before, it was important for me to head off early.  Fortunately the Premier Inn breakfasts start at 7.00am at the weekends and not the customary 8.00am which we had become used to on this journey.  This meant that I was up and out by 7.40am and walking toward the final destination.  Alec and I agreed that he would leave later and catch me up.

Such a beautiful day.  By 10.00am I had completed my target 7 miles and the heat was soaring! By  11.00am I was in Penzance and found a lovely spot to sit and take shade and talk to some interested passers by of the epic journey.  They were as excited as I was by my challenge; if you can believe that! 🙂 They made donations and wished me well in the final few hours of my amazing journey.  Incredibly warm and well watered, I had a further 9 miles to go: adrenaline was my secret weapon against this intense heat.  Having walked through Penzance I reached the final leg of the final leg: an 8 mile straight road into Land’s End! Photographing every road sign counting down the final mileage I could feel the excitement rising.  The pinnacle moment was the 2 3/4 mile sign: I knew I could do this in under an hour – in under 1 hour I would have walked the length of Britain! my pace quickened, I chased up Alec for he hadn’t caught me up at this stage, I photographed the 2 mile sign and then I caught a glimpse of it across the field! 1 mile to go – come on Al – where are you? 5 miles behind 🙁 I walked on and………………………..YES! YES! YES! I’d done it; I’d really done it!! Can I believe it? oh, yes 🙂 At 3.08pm on Saturday 13th July 2013 I sat at the point in the photograph taking it in and waiting for Alec to join me before crossing the line.  The heat was sooooo intense that I had to give in and go in ahead of him to find some shade.

So here I was, Land’s End.  I walked slowly around the place, taking it all in.  Not even noticing the ‘fun fair’ that is now Land’s End.  Just absorbing the moment: fully in the moment: I had walked here: I had walked here! I had walked here!!!

My daughter and partner were there to meet me, which was so lovely.  Giant hugs and into the bar for a celebratory cream tea and bang – I was shattered! All I wanted to do was sleep – the exhaustion was overwhelming – lol.  No way was this getting in the way of me enjoying my moment so in true LP fashion I put a STOP to that and carried on enjoying the moment with the wonderful Victoria and Dave and waited for Al to arrive, which he did about an hour later.

We took our photos and took a lift, yes a lift, because we can now 🙂 to the bed and breakfast.  Quick shower and change and all to the pub for dinner and some live music – they must’ve known we were coming!

The evening was wonderful, sharing and catching up with all that had happened in my daughter’s life over the past 9 weeks.

Good food, good company – Goodnight! – Now to bed 🙂

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Day 61: St. Agnes – Hayle

Today the lovely Jan arrived in good time to collect our bags and off we went. Headed to the coastal path for a 16 mile walk in the glorious sun.

This is a beautiful path with just a couple of steep bays to get in and out of, and otherwise an easy walk. The heat was getting to me and my feet, with no shade for respite. I did spot a cafe that I went into for a cold drink and some shade. I drank the glass of elderflower very quickly and took a cold bottle of water with me. Once I realised I was close to leaving the path and hitting the road for the final bit, and was refreshed with fluids, it was a case of marching on to the Premier Inn at Hayle.

The picture is the light house just ahead of Gwithian Bay near Hayle, and marked my departure from the coastal path for both the day and the journey. Tomorrow we hit the A30 once again for our final leg. Hopefully there’ll be a cycle path!

Today I walked alone all day, only seeing Al a couple of times for a cuppa and it was heaven. To spend a day walking this beautiful path and hearing the wonderful sounds of the gulls and ground laying birds was tranquil. This is a wonderful place to end such an epic journey. Plenty of time to reflect and prepare for the final leg and return home.

Wow, what have I done? I really am amazing, even if I do say so myself:)

Tomorrow is the final day!


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Day 60: Newquay – St. Agnes

We were walking the coastal path today- yay! I’ve done this bit before and it\’s lovely. Beautiful scenery and an easy walk. So great to get off the road and the weather was perfect: warm with cool breezes 🙂

No wifi means I’m playing catchup so this will be brief. A simple day along the coast to the beautiful St. Agnes where the lovely Jan and Beannie joined us for dinner.

The walk started from Crantock beach in Newquay and is the scene in the picture. We had hoped to be able to get there with the tide out, but we were too early so had to use the ferry: a lovely little chap in a little boat going back and forth all day: quaint 🙂

The walk was wonderful: sunny and not too warm. We arrived in St. Agnes at the Aggie, as it\’s affectionately known. Very busy and really well run.

Apart from the wifi issue, it was a fantastic y place to stay, and a lovely end to our day.

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Day 59: Wadebridge – Newquay

A very slow start to the day as breakfast didn’t start until 9am! The sun was shining and the A39 was beckoning. A short 16 miles our the start of the final leg.

So off we went up the long hill out of Wadebridge to walk main roads most of the day. It was a warm one and shade could be found in spots under the trees. We entered Newquay and settled in quickly so as to go in search of a sports bar for the cricket for Alec.

This was not an easy task, and when we did find one they had football on and wouldn’t change the channel! So, food and bed for me whilst al went to another bar. No wifi meant a catch up on this one and the picture is one of the many Newquay beaches.

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The End: Sponsorship details

And so the deed is done: I have walked from 1 end of Britain to the other: 1020 miles in total.  For those who would like to be reminded of the sponsorship details, here they are:

I am raising money for Whizz Kidz and the Lightning Process. I did not set up my own just giving page and so this can be done through Alec’s, or through the donations icon on the web page. THANKYOU again for your support in all it’s forms.

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Day 58: Rest day in Wadebridge

Today was to be the day that I get on a bike for the first time in about 30 years! Once an avid cyclist, a Dr told me that following a knee injury I should never cycle again. I listened to him then, but I was also told that there was no cure for ME and I’ve just walked over 900 miles, so Dr’s aren’t always right. It was time to blow this belief out of the window too: go hire a bike!

I couldn’t get to the hire shop quickly enough. Despite feeling wobbly, I loved it 🙂 the wonderful cooling breeze blowing in my face, the sun pouring down in all its glory providing warmth and the most beautiful scene in the world: Cornwall drenched in sun.

A short 5 miles over in 45 minutes: I took it easy. Knees fine and legs strong. I spent a wonderful day sitting, chatting and relaxing in this beautiful harbour town. A town I fell in love with about 40 years ago. Yes, it’s changed but it was just as busy then as it is now. A lovely day to reflect over the past 8 weeks. Who would have thought that the child who met her school friend on the band stand all those years ago, would one day walk here from John O’Groats? Life’s full off wonderful things, and in 5 days time I will be able to say that I’ve walked the length of Britain and that’s a pretty wonderful thing 🙂

BTW, for all those people asking me whatever will I do next: how does cycling it sound? 😉

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Day 57: Jamaica Inn – Wadebridge

5 miles on A30 did not make for a good start to the day. The only way to do this, was to do it: so off I went. Leaving ahead of Alec I picked my way along the hard shoulder in the waist high grass to the safety of Bodmin moor. Yes, the reward for that mad road was a few miles across sun drenched moorland and welcome cooling breezes. Followed by country lanes: yes, I’m in Cornwall. Heaven: the fresh air, clear light and fabulous views.

The day was in the high 20’s and we only had 15 miles to do, so we took it at a leisurely pace, rolling into Wadebridge at about 430. The river Camel was gleaming in the sun and was a very welcome site.

Once settled and completed a catch up blog I decided to explore the possibilities of cycling to Padstow on my rest day, along the Camel trail. All agreed that it was an easy and pretty route and to go for it: I think I will

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Day 56: Launceston-Jamaica Inn

My memory of Launceston wasn’t good: a bit of a drive through on your way somewhere else kind of place. Where we stayed was lively, friendly and engaging, so I was prepared to be corrected: and then we walked out through the town. This really does give the impression of a poor town with unkempt buildings scattered around. A nice place to stay though still not convinced I’ll be going back there.

The walk was a fairly short 11 miler and Andy was playing in the final. Every reason for a relatively slow start and finish by 1pm.  The wonderful Karen, Dave and Georgia were on bag duty again and I was very keen to meet them at Jamaica Inn for a drink before they headed back. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be: our 9am start ended up being 9.30 and the walk was slower than anticipated due to heat and terrain. They had to leave 30 minutes before we got there, but they did give us a lively toot and wave as they drove past us on the A30.

Oh yes, the A30: 6 deaths of walkers and cyclists last week alone, and we had to walk about 7 miles of it and jeepers, it’s scary! Cars, trucks, caravans all flying past your elbow at seemingly 100+ mph. The police did stop us to check we were ok, and happy that it was our only route they provided basic safety advice and the offer of a lift, haha, and went on their way. Fortunately we did arrive at Jamaica Inn safely and just in time for the Murray-Djokovich final. Wonderful.

I loved every second of the match, and when he won, as knew he would, I screamed and cried and felt happy about my sacrifice of the tickets. I thought I’d be really cheesed off at missing the live event, but actually I realised that he achieved his dream at the same time as I\’m achieving mine and that felt special.

Jamaica Inn was a nice place to stay with excellent staff. Not somewhere I’d go back to. Worth a visit, but no good reason to stay over. Didn’t even get a hint of a ghost, but then Karen had said they were booked for next weekend-funny lady 🙂

So, off to Wadebridge tomorrow for our final rest day of this fantastic journey. So nearly there I can feel it. I’m preparing mentally for the excitement of finishing and the inevitable anti-climax the following day. But you know what? I will have walked the length of Britain and no-one can ever take that away.


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