Monthly Archives: May 2014

Day 2 Wick to Latheron Wheel

12 months to the day I walked from Wick to Latheron Wheel which took my 2 day total to 35.68 miles.  I remember the evening in Wick like it was yesterday, as I do the evening in Latheron Wheel.  A lovely home cooked meal following a 5 mile detour.  The fun had begun, and I was loving it.  Even sitting here reminiscing I have a smile on my face 🙂

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12 months on from the JOG-LE

12 months to the day I set off on a walk from one end of this beautiful land to the other.  I didn’t know what was in store, I only knew that I would get there, whatever it takes and I did.  My aim is to share just one picture a day from my epic adventure, to relive my dream: recovery from ME to a 1000 mile walk thanks to the Lightning Process.

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