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Not My Problem!

This has been a very interesting week for my own personal journey in my role as a parent, a teacher and a small business.  Sometimes life sends many challenges in quick succession and I’ve noticed that my eldest son has a wonderful way of dealing with this, as his stock answer is: NOT MY PROBLEM!

I got to thinking, what does that mean? Is it true? Can we sieve the important stuff from the less important just by focusing on what IS my problem? The answer I came up with to all of the above is YES! This really does simplify things by drawing the focus to what I have control over.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, though it may be more or less eloquently put.  I read a book some years ago called ‘S.U.M.O’ by Paul McGee.  I was introduced to this author by my husband as he had been invited into his company at the time, as a guest speaker when moral was noticeably low.  Well, if you haven’t guessed the S.U.M.O stands for Shut Up, Move On, and I was not sure that this was a good thing to be delivering to an audience with low morale, but do you know something? It worked.  My husband came home excited to share this new information with me and felt quite motivated.

And, this is what the Lightning Process teaches: Focus on what you have the control over, and leave the rest.  By chunking things down and putting our energy into what we can control, we can gain in achievement and health and well-being.   When we spend our energy, and fill our heads with things that we can’t control we start going around in circles and quite frankly I find it exhausting. Take the worry we have for our children, whatever their ages and does it help? we can’t stop them doing the things they want to do, only advise and guide.  Can we change the world economy? no, so stop worrying about it.  I’m so pleased I learnt the tools of the LP to help me through times of challenge; and this week I was truly challenged by my employers. 

Whilst keeping us on a pay freeze for the 5th year in a row, HR came to speak to us to justify their decision.  As a result we spent our lunch time being dictated to about how the business needs come first and we will remain on a pay freeze until such time as this changes.  Well, that helped morale, NOT!  Being rather outspoken I couldn’t help but vent my frustrations, and upon leaving the meeting I realised I had broken this cardinal rule: S.U.M.O/ focus on what I have the control over or as it says in the bible:

Dear Lord,

Grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change

The courage

 to change things I can

And the wisdom

to know the difference.

I’m not sure this is always the way to be, as sometimes things happen that we have no control over, but can support or influence.  Things like the EBOLA outbreak,  whilst we can’t change it, we can volunteer in the affected countries or offer money.  So when I hear the phrase, NOT MY PROBLEM, this may be true, so I will take a moment to go through the bible quotation/prayer, and make a decision based on the wisdom to know where I can healthily put my energy.

Please share your thoughts…………..

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Should Websites display prices for Services?


Recently I have been looking for premises in St. Albans and surrounding areas, as I am keen to develop my practice moving forward.  In doing so it made sense to do some market research into other hypnotherapy services in said areas and prices charged.  To my surprise, I discovered that very few websites disclose prices, and this genuinely surprised me.

Those who know me will testify that I am pretty open and honest in my manner and approach to my work, and life.  In fact I believe it to be quite an important feature of this field as I am asking you to be open and honest with me, in order that I be able to give you the best possible support to achieve your goals.  So surely you would expect the same from me as your therapist/coach?

So here is the question:

Should websites display the price for services?

Personally, I will move on to another site when I can not find all the information I am looking for, and therefore feel it is a fundamental requirement to put your prices out there for all to see, but hey; I could be wrong? let me know your thoughts please, and maybe reasons why this information is not available via the email on the website


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