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NexStep in St Albans

Exciting News! New Venue: St. Albans starting 27/7/15. As of tomorrow, I will be starting on a new venture of offering my services in Ginger Natural and Organic Therapies, London Road, St. Albans. to find out more; make an appointment; follow my progress, follow this link and share your thoughts:)



look forward to seeing you there!

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2 years ago: M.E. to Me!!

So today: 13.05.2015 I started the walk of a life time – John O’Groats to Lands End exactly 2 years ago!!

Here’s what I wrote in my blog for that day:-

Well today I woke up to brilliant sunshine and the knowledge that the day has finally arrived for me to set out on achieving a life long dream: walking from one end of this beautiful country to the other.

So I start the day at 730am and take the photos at the JOG signpost and settle to breakfast. What does a girl do when the realisation of what she is about to hits her? She cries! All through breakfast I was smiling and crying tears of pure joy. Yes, 5 years ago I wanted to opt for assisted suicide due to M.E and now I truly am living the life I love thanks to the Lightning Process. I’ve had a truly amazing day, even if it has left me with 2 cracking blisters: so what. I love them both. Lol

Now it’s time for dinner and sleep and see what tomorrow brings on the next leg of the journey. Tonight I’m in Wick: pronounced week. Tomorrow delivers another 14 miler on top of the 17.5 we’ve done today. What a lucky girl I am.

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NLP, Hypnotherapy and The Lightning Process in action

One year ago this week I became challenged in my life to a level I’ve seldom experienced. My beloved grandmother died at the grand age of 107, a beloved family member vented at me as a target of apparently suppressed anger, and a friend whom I considered to be a very good friend ‘dumped me’ in a text. The intense grief I experienced as a consequence of these events resulted in bringing in the New Year with a slipped disc and a year of grief healing. Add into the mix my husband being made redundant and my mother being diagnosed with cancer you have a great story line for EastEnders: And it’s all true.  

Now, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, quite the opposite, as it’s only through these experiences in life that we can grow and understand ourselves inwardly to understand what makes us stronger. Through this year’s journey I’ve realised more than ever how important NLP, hypnotherapy and the Lightning Process training programme are to me.  I’ve been able to focus on the people that really matter to me and focus on what’s really important to me in my life and the lives of those I cherish, whilst respecting others choices, even when I don’t agree with them, and moving forward on my fabulous journey: LIFE!  

Throughout all of these events I have used the Lightning Process, as this is the wonderful thing about this training, it works on everything!  Well, ok – it might not bring about world peace, end world famine and restore the economy – or could it? 

The Lightning Process works on mind body connections, and our ability to influence these to work in our favour, in a helpful way.  So when I was torn apart by the grief of my grandmother dying, I could focus on the areas that I could change: the funeral and remembering all the wonderful times we had had together.  The same for my family member and my friend: focus on the good times we had and recognise that I cannot change the way they chose to feel about me.

 My husband losing his job opened up a river of possibilities for us to pursue and by focusing on what this gave us, we couldn’t possibly mourn the loss of a corporate salary and life style. 

As for my mother getting Cancer, well as frightful as this is it still comes down to the same thing: focus your energy on what you have the control over, accept the things you can’t change and offer her all the help I could from my bed.  This is did with copious amounts of NLP, mind body connection hypnotherapy CD’s and messages.   And thankfully she has come through it, I am pleased to say.  

The slipped disc was a challenge though, as I used the process to support healing and it just wasn’t doing so and I therefore sought the master: Phil Parker.  He reminded me that all healing was possible and we simply need to give our bodies what they need to repair and I realised that I wasn’t doing this, as I was still hurting from the recent events.  So now it was time to use the grief process within hypnotherapy and yes, that helped a lot! The understanding that I cannot lose what I had with these people meant they will always be with me.  It’s simply a gentle parting of the ways along life’s journey.  Now my body just needed the time to heal, with some good mind and body work within the Lightning Process, and hypnotherapy, I really have so nearly achieved this that it genuinely feels like a miracle.  

And now what about the NLP? Well that’s easy to explain.  There are 10 main principles of NLP of which a few are: 

Every behaviour is useful in some context.

Every negative action has a positive intention.

In any system, the element with the most flexibility exerts the most influence.  

Remembering these three key concepts meant that I was able to accept the behaviour of those around me.  When my friend sent the text, this clearly was useful to her in some way and brought about her own positive intention:  Likewise my family member.  It is not for me to understand their positive intentions; it is for me to show the flexibility to influence my own life to a better end.  

Over the past year I have studied for my Masters in NLP and Advanced Hypnotherapy and Lightning Process.  This I am very proud of as I feel I truly have achieved miracles out of what could have been a devastating year.  

To sum up I have used:

Hypnotherapy for – pain relief, grief healing, supporting mind body connections with my mother’s Cancer

NLP for – understanding some challenging human behaviour

Lightning Process for – slipped disc, mind body connections for emotional strength and calm. 

Please send me your comments and get in touch if you would like any more information about the contents of this blog. 

Take care till next time.



next training dates:

Lightning Process:

December 18th -20th

Lightning Process Refresher:

January 10th




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Networking, Friends and Family

Over the past week I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people at my first ever networking group, enjoyed a wonderful day indulging in the delights of Belgium and my wonderful Belgium travel buddies, and spent some quality time with my youngest cooking a meal and laughing as we did when he was young and his troubles were small.

As a consequence I find myself feeling quite relaxed and smiling a lot, for no obvious reason and this I take to be the power of good friends, good food and good times.

It has become increasingly important to me to develop my hypnotherapy business further, and to promote the Lightning Process as much as I can, as this is something which I am passionate about and truly believe that everyone would benefit from the life skills contained within, not only poorly people.  For this reason, I embarked on my first ever networking group!  I decided to tread carefully and went to a group called Viva networking, which is also known as mums unlimited and came highly recommended.  Whilst its primary target was women, men are more than welcome to join and their focus is supporting small businesses and growth. The topic for the day was a guest speaker talking about blogging – well that was just what I needed so I booked on and went along to spend a couple of wonderful hours in the company of some of the most inspirational women I have met!  I simply had no idea there were so many small businesses out there, with such a diversity of focus!!  I met a lady who supports the less confident in their dressing needs:, the pampered chef, Joanne Todd with some delightful fudge – yum yum, the pregnancy genie who will support you through pregnancy to 6 weeks old and many more besides.  They were a highly motivated and lovely group of woman whom I much look forward to meeting again.

The guest speaker was ‘actually mummy’ who became a professional blogger after writing a blog herself about her days as a mum.  She was highly knowledgeable and informative about the art of blogging, and didn’t once cause me to feel silly with all my questions – thank you!  She is the reason I am now so disciplined in writing my weekly blog, and really hope you are enjoying reading it.  I certainly am enjoying writing it and receiving the positive feedback I have so far.  Thank you all for your support.


So then it was off to Belgium for an indulgent day of good food and Belgium Beer.  We were fortunate enough to arrive at the Westveleteran Abbey in time to purchase a couple of boxes plus partake in breakfast comprising of bread, cheese and a Westveleteran 12: it had to be doneJ  whenever we go on these days out, I find myself completely lost in the moment of great company, great food and beer.  I consider myself truly blessed to call these people my friends and very much look forward to our next visit, which I believe will be a weekend trip!

Finally to the time spent with my youngest son.  He is a truly troubled soul with complex learning needs and mental health issues.  His journey has not been an easy one and has caused many challenges which I believe have made us so much stronger as individuals and as a family.  Having finally received a diagnosis of his condition and medication that actually works, he is calmer and more focused, and performing well in the world.  He came to the house and cooked wonderful roast potatoes to go with the pie I was cooking and we sat down with his step father and his girlfriend to a lovely meal which was enjoyed by us all.  We laughed, and were relaxed in a way that we haven’t experienced in years, and for this I am truly grateful.

So all in all I have had a week of appreciating people who are inspirational, fun, and empowering through their sharing of the gift of friendship. 

And my closing wish to you all is to emerge yourself in the moment and enjoy some good friends, good food, good times. This certainly is the best time of year to do this, and notice how good you feel as a result. 

I look forward to hearing your good times stories.


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Not My Problem!

This has been a very interesting week for my own personal journey in my role as a parent, a teacher and a small business.  Sometimes life sends many challenges in quick succession and I’ve noticed that my eldest son has a wonderful way of dealing with this, as his stock answer is: NOT MY PROBLEM!

I got to thinking, what does that mean? Is it true? Can we sieve the important stuff from the less important just by focusing on what IS my problem? The answer I came up with to all of the above is YES! This really does simplify things by drawing the focus to what I have control over.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, though it may be more or less eloquently put.  I read a book some years ago called ‘S.U.M.O’ by Paul McGee.  I was introduced to this author by my husband as he had been invited into his company at the time, as a guest speaker when moral was noticeably low.  Well, if you haven’t guessed the S.U.M.O stands for Shut Up, Move On, and I was not sure that this was a good thing to be delivering to an audience with low morale, but do you know something? It worked.  My husband came home excited to share this new information with me and felt quite motivated.

And, this is what the Lightning Process teaches: Focus on what you have the control over, and leave the rest.  By chunking things down and putting our energy into what we can control, we can gain in achievement and health and well-being.   When we spend our energy, and fill our heads with things that we can’t control we start going around in circles and quite frankly I find it exhausting. Take the worry we have for our children, whatever their ages and does it help? we can’t stop them doing the things they want to do, only advise and guide.  Can we change the world economy? no, so stop worrying about it.  I’m so pleased I learnt the tools of the LP to help me through times of challenge; and this week I was truly challenged by my employers. 

Whilst keeping us on a pay freeze for the 5th year in a row, HR came to speak to us to justify their decision.  As a result we spent our lunch time being dictated to about how the business needs come first and we will remain on a pay freeze until such time as this changes.  Well, that helped morale, NOT!  Being rather outspoken I couldn’t help but vent my frustrations, and upon leaving the meeting I realised I had broken this cardinal rule: S.U.M.O/ focus on what I have the control over or as it says in the bible:

Dear Lord,

Grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change

The courage

 to change things I can

And the wisdom

to know the difference.

I’m not sure this is always the way to be, as sometimes things happen that we have no control over, but can support or influence.  Things like the EBOLA outbreak,  whilst we can’t change it, we can volunteer in the affected countries or offer money.  So when I hear the phrase, NOT MY PROBLEM, this may be true, so I will take a moment to go through the bible quotation/prayer, and make a decision based on the wisdom to know where I can healthily put my energy.

Please share your thoughts…………..

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Should Websites display prices for Services?


Recently I have been looking for premises in St. Albans and surrounding areas, as I am keen to develop my practice moving forward.  In doing so it made sense to do some market research into other hypnotherapy services in said areas and prices charged.  To my surprise, I discovered that very few websites disclose prices, and this genuinely surprised me.

Those who know me will testify that I am pretty open and honest in my manner and approach to my work, and life.  In fact I believe it to be quite an important feature of this field as I am asking you to be open and honest with me, in order that I be able to give you the best possible support to achieve your goals.  So surely you would expect the same from me as your therapist/coach?

So here is the question:

Should websites display the price for services?

Personally, I will move on to another site when I can not find all the information I am looking for, and therefore feel it is a fundamental requirement to put your prices out there for all to see, but hey; I could be wrong? let me know your thoughts please, and maybe reasons why this information is not available via the email on the website


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Day 2 Wick to Latheron Wheel

12 months to the day I walked from Wick to Latheron Wheel which took my 2 day total to 35.68 miles.  I remember the evening in Wick like it was yesterday, as I do the evening in Latheron Wheel.  A lovely home cooked meal following a 5 mile detour.  The fun had begun, and I was loving it.  Even sitting here reminiscing I have a smile on my face 🙂

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Chronic Pain

Having been experiencing varying levels of pain with my prolapsed disc, I decided to look further into hypnotherapy and pain to see what more I could be doing and just look what I found!

This lovely little ditty on you tube which was brought to my attention at the CPD for the Lightning Process a few years ago.  It really does sum up the work we do with the Lightning Process rather beautifully and served to remind to keep doing what I am doing and I will get fit again.

If you are experiencing Chronic Pain, then do contact your local Lightning Process Practitioner to see how they can help.




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