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Don’t let the ‘should’ get you down!

In Mental Health Awareness week:

How many times in a day do we use the word ‘should’? You should’ve washed up; they should’ve checked first; I should’ve done that yesterday.

This week I seem to have used, and heard, this word a lot and came to question – what does it even mean?

Currently an extension is being built on my house and when the building inspector came to sign off the footings he declined saying that the apple tree was less than 2 metres from the footings and therefore the footings were to go deeper.  Whilst there were no visible roots, and this had a financial implication for me, and a logistical nightmare for the builders due to the fact that there was now a big hole where they needed to place the digger, it is his job to ensure the rules are followed for good reason and so we accepted our fate. 

Now, it occurred to me that the apple tree had been drawn on the plans and therefore asked why this hadn’t been picked up upon the application for building regs: thus saving the shocking additional cost and logistical nightmare for the builders.  He declined to answer giving me a politician’s response about ‘anything could show up once builders start digging, so we check at this stage’.  But the tree was a given, we ‘should have’ been told from the start that we would require double footings.  The conversation was going nowhere, both believing ourselves to be right, and left me feeling rather frustrated that he ‘should have’ seen my point and he ‘should have’ answered my question. 

Now, full of frustration I decided to go to my fitness class to cool off, and guess what… 19 people turned up with only 13 booked on: too many for the pool and hindered my normally great class:- they ‘should’ve’ booked on, ensuring the instructor wasn’t overbooked and members could enjoy the class.

Come the evening, students concerned with their upcoming exams claiming: they ‘should’ have more time: the teacher’s ‘should’ have taught them better: the government ‘shouldn’t’ have changed the exams.

Trump ‘shouldn’t’ threaten Korea; Theresa May ‘shouldn’t’ call an early election; we ‘shouldn’t’ exit the EU.

The list is endless…

The problem with the ‘should’ is that we address issues which we have no control over: I couldn’t control the building inspector; I couldn’t control the members at the pool; we can’t control the government.  So, if we can’t control things, is there any point worrying about them?  The other point to consider is whether it is factually true, or is it an opinion?

Well of course, it’s clear that these are all individuals’ opinions and they are neither right nor wrong: they’re opinions.  They are individuals’ opinions on what they believe to be right or wrong and of course, don’t make us as that individual right. 

Beliefs are what define us in the world.  They are formed throughout our lives and create our own limitations and ultimate prisons.  Some reading this, who have done the Lightning Process™ course, will be saying ‘yeah, we know’ and maybe the bigger question here is not ‘what does should really mean’, but ‘why do let the ‘should’ get us down?’  The answer is ‘we ‘shouldn’t’!  And there you have it – it’s a choice.  So the next time the ‘should’ gets you down – stand back and ask whether this is really worth getting upset about – or whether it’s better to say NO!  I choose to address my belief and move on.

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Great Time to Brush Up those LP Skills


Wednesday 27th January

10.00 – 12.00am


NexStep is  running a Lightning Process Refresher course on Wednesday 27th January and would like to offer you the opportunity to book your place.

Ideally this is best taken within 12 months of completing the course and goes over the main points of the original training.  The course lasts approximately 2 hours and you will gain the opportunity to further practice the steps of the LP with my guidance, and learn any updates that have been included. 

To brush up on those marvellous skills to support you in maintaining those New Year resolutions seemed like the perfect time to me.  So, if you feel that you would benefit from a little top up then do get in touch to book your place.  Places are limited, so do book early!

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Free Talk on the Lightning Process

Whether you suffer with an Auto Immune Disorder, extreme headaches, pain, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, eating disorders….. come along and find out more about how you can manage your health and well being.

Wednesday 21st October @ Ginger Natural Health, St.Albans

10.00am – 10.30am

BOOKING ESSENTIAL, either send me a message or through Ginger



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worth the wait….

So finally, after 12 months in the waiting and the making, I finally got to deliver my Lightning Process talk to a multidisciplinary team of mental health workers, in one of the leading Mental Health Hospitals in the London area!  And here’s how it all unfolded, challenges and all………………….

Firstly, it was suggested to me that I approach this particular Mental Health Hospital, and introduce them to the Lightning Process.  Now this is a team of: social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapists; all working for and funded by the NHS.  The Lightning Process is an alternative therapy, and as such would tend not to be accepted by the NHS, though this is in flux at the moment and will hopefully change in the near future.  And some Dr’s do recognise its strength and support the work we do.

So, as you can see, this was not going to be an easy talk to nail, and certainly had the potential of being a tricky audience.  I recognised the importance of getting this group of professionals informed of the LP and its successes in order that they could make an informed choice as to whether they would refer clients, and work together to get them healthy change.

The talk itself took a year to secure, with emails and phone calls back and forth with my point of contact.  She was keen to hear all about it, and firmly believed it would be of interest to other professionals in the multidisciplinary team of staff.  There were funding issues; timing issues; permissive issues and finally exactly 12 months after the initial contact my tenacity and perseverance paid off and I had a date!!

Being in south west London, I decided it would be easier to drive than take the train.  Simple route around the M25/M4: leave early to allow for traffic – easy!

The day arrived; I checked the PowerPoint was working – yes, enough handouts – yes (I was told to prepare for up to 20 people!), the roads were clear – yes.  Marvellous: off I went, nice and early.  M25 was clear and I chose the M3 route which was also clear.  A beautiful sunny day as I approached Richmond with half an hour to spare and came to a halt.  Oh well, I was nice and early and the sun was shining and I’d never driven this route before so I just enjoyed the views.  Tick tock, tick tock: twenty minutes to spare.  Tick tock, tick tock: I was crawling along and the area was stunning.  Over the Thames, beautiful; slowly into the car park at exactly 10.30am, being my expected arrival time.  The lady I was to meeting came out of the main door just at the same time and introduced herself! Amazing!  She took me to the secretary who took me to the presentation room and helped me to set up.  All was going well until the projector wouldn’t connect with my computer – hmmm.  ‘do you have it on a memory stick? We could then run it on our computer’  and guess what – I did!  Calmly I handed over the memory stick and she set about setting up their computer with my memory stick and guess what – that didn’t work either!  She was getting stressed by the technology and called someone in to look at it, I continued setting up the chairs and putting the leaflets around the room.  Another chap came in and couldn’t get the projector to communicate with the computer and I suddenly remembered someone showing me a few buttons to press to make this happen.  I suggested I might take a look and hey presto – a picture on the screen and 5 minutes before people were due to arrive – oh yes!

People started to arrive; I remained calm and delivered my presentation to a team of 15 NHS professional staff, and even remained calm when the embedded video failed to run.  They asked me many challenging questions which I answered with elegance and ease.  One staff member was extra tricky and asked a question which I couldn’t answer, and in good old Walt Disney style I assured her it was such a good question that I had never been asked this before and would be sure to gain an answer and email it to her:  Which I did. 

At the end, I packed up and had an easy drive home and felt very proud of myself.  There were many challenges in the day that I could have got very anxious about but didn’t.  I could see I had no control over the traffic, so enjoyed the moment.  I had no control over the technology being tricky, so left it to those with more knowledge and by remaining calm I actually did resolve the issue.  I did have control over my expertise of the Lightning Process and the presentation I was delivering and trusted in this and answered all questions with good grace and understanding.

The feedback was highly positive: more people attended than normally attend outside speakers presentations and all were engaging and with many asking the host more about it after I left.  It is possible some referrals may be made and for that I will be truly thankful for the clients.  Because they are the ones that matter in all of this: the clients.  It’s not about right – wrong, NHS accepted or not.  It’s about answering the simple question of ‘can we help the client?’ if the answer is yes, then let’s work together and move people forward into good health

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Intro to St Albans!

Introducing Elizabeth

Your Hypnotherapist and Lightning Process trainer now at:

 Ginger Natural Health, St. Albans.

After recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) using Hypnotherapy, Life coaching and Osteopathy principles, I have made it my life’s work to focus on relaxing the nervous system in others, in order to achieve a full mind and body calmness.  Only when we achieve this, can we fully appreciate full health and wellbeing, no matter what life throws at us.

Today I deliver Lightning Process® seminars (LP), designed to achieve this calm in all situations more on Lightning Process Seminars, and it does work surprisingly well with auto immune dysfunctions such as CFS/ME.  I have also been clear of migraines since completing the training! In addition to this, as a qualified English teacher, I engage with teaching English to secondary school students and above.  For those who experience exam nerves, stress and anxiety, they can also benefit from hypnotherapy: plus many more negative behaviours more on hypnotherapyLife Coaching more on life coaching  and NLP more on NLP underpin all of my work and for those with overweight issues there is the Hynoband Gastric band More on Hypnoband Gastricband

So there really is something for everyone, and I very much look forward to meeting with you over the next month as you engage in one of the following offers!

Introductory offers

  • Introductory offer on all hypnotherapy more on hypnotherapy sessions booked at Ginger, a 20% discount will apply until the end of September 2015, in addition to the free 30 minute consultation.

Hypnotherapy can help with a multitude of issues and behaviours that we might like to change.  Here are some examples that may be of concern just now:

    • Phobias – this year has seen an abundance of spiders.  Hypnotherapy can help with this among other phobias
    • Anxiety – whether the children are starting school, starting a new school or academic year, as a parent we are naturally anxious for our little ones.  Hypnotherapy can help you maintain the necessary calm to help you to help them enjoy the transitions
    • Weight – it is easy to gain a few pounds in the summer with all the marvellous holiday foods, and now is just the right time to get back on track. Whether you are a choc-a-holic, or a fitness phobe; hypnotherapy can help.
  • Free talks on the Lightning Process®

Whether you suffer with an auto-immune disorder, or feel that you are not the person you used to be and would like to be ‘better’, ‘more energised’, then the Lightning Process® training can help.  Come to one of the free talks set up for September and see how.  Spaces are limited so do please book your place in advance. more about the Lightning Process

        • Sunday 6th September @ 11am
        • Sunday 20th September @ 10am
  • Lightning Process Seminar – Ginger Natural Health
        • Sunday 11th – Tuesday 13th

Phone: 01727 869929



  • For more information about me and the good work that I do then please:

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FREE TALK – Lightning Process.

5th August 2015 @ 10am in Leverstock Green.

The Lightning Process is a training programme for maximising your health and wellbeing.  Whether you’re depressed, anxious or diagnosed with an auto immune disorder, there is something to learn for everyone.

I look forward to sharing more details tomorrow.

Limited space so please phone or email to book a place.

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Networking, Friends and Family

Over the past week I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people at my first ever networking group, enjoyed a wonderful day indulging in the delights of Belgium and my wonderful Belgium travel buddies, and spent some quality time with my youngest cooking a meal and laughing as we did when he was young and his troubles were small.

As a consequence I find myself feeling quite relaxed and smiling a lot, for no obvious reason and this I take to be the power of good friends, good food and good times.

It has become increasingly important to me to develop my hypnotherapy business further, and to promote the Lightning Process as much as I can, as this is something which I am passionate about and truly believe that everyone would benefit from the life skills contained within, not only poorly people.  For this reason, I embarked on my first ever networking group!  I decided to tread carefully and went to a group called Viva networking, which is also known as mums unlimited and came highly recommended.  Whilst its primary target was women, men are more than welcome to join and their focus is supporting small businesses and growth. The topic for the day was a guest speaker talking about blogging – well that was just what I needed so I booked on and went along to spend a couple of wonderful hours in the company of some of the most inspirational women I have met!  I simply had no idea there were so many small businesses out there, with such a diversity of focus!!  I met a lady who supports the less confident in their dressing needs:, the pampered chef, Joanne Todd with some delightful fudge – yum yum, the pregnancy genie who will support you through pregnancy to 6 weeks old and many more besides.  They were a highly motivated and lovely group of woman whom I much look forward to meeting again.

The guest speaker was ‘actually mummy’ who became a professional blogger after writing a blog herself about her days as a mum.  She was highly knowledgeable and informative about the art of blogging, and didn’t once cause me to feel silly with all my questions – thank you!  She is the reason I am now so disciplined in writing my weekly blog, and really hope you are enjoying reading it.  I certainly am enjoying writing it and receiving the positive feedback I have so far.  Thank you all for your support.


So then it was off to Belgium for an indulgent day of good food and Belgium Beer.  We were fortunate enough to arrive at the Westveleteran Abbey in time to purchase a couple of boxes plus partake in breakfast comprising of bread, cheese and a Westveleteran 12: it had to be doneJ  whenever we go on these days out, I find myself completely lost in the moment of great company, great food and beer.  I consider myself truly blessed to call these people my friends and very much look forward to our next visit, which I believe will be a weekend trip!

Finally to the time spent with my youngest son.  He is a truly troubled soul with complex learning needs and mental health issues.  His journey has not been an easy one and has caused many challenges which I believe have made us so much stronger as individuals and as a family.  Having finally received a diagnosis of his condition and medication that actually works, he is calmer and more focused, and performing well in the world.  He came to the house and cooked wonderful roast potatoes to go with the pie I was cooking and we sat down with his step father and his girlfriend to a lovely meal which was enjoyed by us all.  We laughed, and were relaxed in a way that we haven’t experienced in years, and for this I am truly grateful.

So all in all I have had a week of appreciating people who are inspirational, fun, and empowering through their sharing of the gift of friendship. 

And my closing wish to you all is to emerge yourself in the moment and enjoy some good friends, good food, good times. This certainly is the best time of year to do this, and notice how good you feel as a result. 

I look forward to hearing your good times stories.


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Not My Problem!

This has been a very interesting week for my own personal journey in my role as a parent, a teacher and a small business.  Sometimes life sends many challenges in quick succession and I’ve noticed that my eldest son has a wonderful way of dealing with this, as his stock answer is: NOT MY PROBLEM!

I got to thinking, what does that mean? Is it true? Can we sieve the important stuff from the less important just by focusing on what IS my problem? The answer I came up with to all of the above is YES! This really does simplify things by drawing the focus to what I have control over.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, though it may be more or less eloquently put.  I read a book some years ago called ‘S.U.M.O’ by Paul McGee.  I was introduced to this author by my husband as he had been invited into his company at the time, as a guest speaker when moral was noticeably low.  Well, if you haven’t guessed the S.U.M.O stands for Shut Up, Move On, and I was not sure that this was a good thing to be delivering to an audience with low morale, but do you know something? It worked.  My husband came home excited to share this new information with me and felt quite motivated.

And, this is what the Lightning Process teaches: Focus on what you have the control over, and leave the rest.  By chunking things down and putting our energy into what we can control, we can gain in achievement and health and well-being.   When we spend our energy, and fill our heads with things that we can’t control we start going around in circles and quite frankly I find it exhausting. Take the worry we have for our children, whatever their ages and does it help? we can’t stop them doing the things they want to do, only advise and guide.  Can we change the world economy? no, so stop worrying about it.  I’m so pleased I learnt the tools of the LP to help me through times of challenge; and this week I was truly challenged by my employers. 

Whilst keeping us on a pay freeze for the 5th year in a row, HR came to speak to us to justify their decision.  As a result we spent our lunch time being dictated to about how the business needs come first and we will remain on a pay freeze until such time as this changes.  Well, that helped morale, NOT!  Being rather outspoken I couldn’t help but vent my frustrations, and upon leaving the meeting I realised I had broken this cardinal rule: S.U.M.O/ focus on what I have the control over or as it says in the bible:

Dear Lord,

Grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change

The courage

 to change things I can

And the wisdom

to know the difference.

I’m not sure this is always the way to be, as sometimes things happen that we have no control over, but can support or influence.  Things like the EBOLA outbreak,  whilst we can’t change it, we can volunteer in the affected countries or offer money.  So when I hear the phrase, NOT MY PROBLEM, this may be true, so I will take a moment to go through the bible quotation/prayer, and make a decision based on the wisdom to know where I can healthily put my energy.

Please share your thoughts…………..

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12 months on from the JOG-LE

12 months to the day I set off on a walk from one end of this beautiful land to the other.  I didn’t know what was in store, I only knew that I would get there, whatever it takes and I did.  My aim is to share just one picture a day from my epic adventure, to relive my dream: recovery from ME to a 1000 mile walk thanks to the Lightning Process.

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Day 3: Latheronwheel – Helmsdale

So today we crossed into the next county of Sutherland: woo hoo!  and on the anniversary of my completing the Lightning Process to regain my amazing health and well being.  Who would have thought that just over 5 years ago I coudn’t step outside the house un-supported due to ME/CFS?!

We completed another 18 miles of road walking which has taken us into hills and lush green lands of beautiful rivers and waterfalls.  It is fascinating watching the flora and fauna change as you move down mile upon mile.

We set off in the rain whilst still mild and were wrapped accordingly.  Soon it dried up and we de-layered to enjoy a lovely walk in showers: albeit that Alec doesn’t understand the difference between wet rain and light showers – hahaha. I have taken some lovely photographs on the camera now, and as tomorrow is a short walk: 11 ish miles- we should have time to look at how to put them on here.  I do hope so, I really want to share them with you.

Today we met our first walker/runner doing the LE-JOG and he only had 50 miles to go. He is a rugby player, Joe Mbu, and you can see his details on Alec’s blog.  When Alec explained how many days we were doing this in the chap said it was a tall order: and that’s a rugby player! what have I let myself in for;)

It’s all good though.  Every day is bringing new challenges and experiences, new people and cultural variences; new possiblities and dreams coming true. And YES, that includes the very close mastering of the Shee wee!!! google it if you don’t know what i’m talking about.

The final thing I would like to say for today is  what beautiful people the Highlanders are: warm and generous, interested and supportive of what we are doing.  A real insight into the beauty of human kindness.

so for tonight – goodnight and I’ll ‘see’ you all tomorrow.


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