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Snowy walk

Today I went out to do some walking training to deliver some leaflets promoting my Free presentation about the Lightning Process. Well how beautiful it was. When I started it was cold, and within 5 minutes it was snowing. I continued for the next 3 hours; walking in the snow and watching it blow across the ground in the wind. The roads soon became covered, the footpaths were challenging due to the remaining ice from the snow fall earlier in the week, the town became white again. There is something very enigmatic about fresh falling snow, not least of all the freshness of the air. I\’m so pleased to be doing this charity walk as it is forcing me to walk at times when I may otherwise have stayed indoors. What a truly wonderful world:)

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Charity Walk 2013

I always dreamed of undertaking a long walk such as the Coast to Coast or Lands End to John O\’Groats, for example, and now after being housebound and in a wheelchair through ME, I am!

Between the months of May and July 2013, I will be walking with a friend, from John O\’Groats to Lands End. We are walking to promote the Lightning Process and four other good causes and are seeking funds to support our aim.

After suffering with ME for several years I discovered the Lightning Process. Since undertaking this training 4 years ago I have been able to walk freely again, maintain good health, and engage in all family activities and work, including the rigorous training to become a Lightning Process practitioner.

It is my dream to walk the length of this wonderful country and speak out about how this training changed my life. For me it is very important that people know about this alternative method of working with illness and behaviour patterns which are not healthy.

Obviously, this training is not for everyone, but if you know about it, then you can research it and make an informed choice as to whether it is a method with which you wish to engage. I only heard about it by chance through a friend of a friend of a friend!
How lucky was I?

Further information about the Lightning Process can be found on my website along with course dates, free talks and fees.

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Supported charities include: Whizz-Kidz, A21, sense, and WRVS all receiving equal shares unless specified.

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