Day 3: Latheronwheel – Helmsdale

So today we crossed into the next county of Sutherland: woo hoo!  and on the anniversary of my completing the Lightning Process to regain my amazing health and well being.  Who would have thought that just over 5 years ago I coudn’t step outside the house un-supported due to ME/CFS?!

We completed another 18 miles of road walking which has taken us into hills and lush green lands of beautiful rivers and waterfalls.  It is fascinating watching the flora and fauna change as you move down mile upon mile.

We set off in the rain whilst still mild and were wrapped accordingly.  Soon it dried up and we de-layered to enjoy a lovely walk in showers: albeit that Alec doesn’t understand the difference between wet rain and light showers – hahaha. I have taken some lovely photographs on the camera now, and as tomorrow is a short walk: 11 ish miles- we should have time to look at how to put them on here.  I do hope so, I really want to share them with you.

Today we met our first walker/runner doing the LE-JOG and he only had 50 miles to go. He is a rugby player, Joe Mbu, and you can see his details on Alec’s blog.  When Alec explained how many days we were doing this in the chap said it was a tall order: and that’s a rugby player! what have I let myself in for;)

It’s all good though.  Every day is bringing new challenges and experiences, new people and cultural variences; new possiblities and dreams coming true. And YES, that includes the very close mastering of the Shee wee!!! google it if you don’t know what i’m talking about.

The final thing I would like to say for today is  what beautiful people the Highlanders are: warm and generous, interested and supportive of what we are doing.  A real insight into the beauty of human kindness.

so for tonight – goodnight and I’ll ‘see’ you all tomorrow.


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