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Here at NexStep we are looking to support you in making your NexStep in life. Whether you are looking for support in giving up smoking; losing and controlling your weight; changing a behaviour; breaking barriers that are limiting you reaching your full potential; we can help. Without knowing it, you have already taken a NexStep, just by reading this web page. What is your NexStep from here? By using NLP and Hypnotherapy you will be supported into making the changes that you want for yourself, with relative ease. ​

Meet your Trainer - Elizabeth

Adv NLP Coach Clin Hyp, BA Linguistics, DTLLS, Adv Lightning Process Practitioner



Let me tell you a little about myself.


I trained in Linguistics and specialised in teaching English as a Second language. I love language. Always have. It was whilst studying in this field that I came across NLP and chose to explore the field further. What a discovery I made. It was only when I became ill that I discovered its full potential, as it was through NLP and Hypnotherapy, in part, that I found a road to recovery. Since that time I have been dedicated to learning more about this and helping others to realise their hopes and dreams. I have helped many people open their lives to things they only dreamed of achieving in the past, and now they see that they can have the life they love. Take a look at some of the Testimonials which some amazing clients have written.


As you will see, I have a gentle and highly professional manner, and I am completely dedicated to you and your NexStep. We will work together to achieve this through a combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching NLP at a pace which suits you.


Now available at Clophill Centre, Clophill.



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