Lightning Process® - Course Structure and Fees


The Lightning Process is formed of 3 phases.


Phase 1


Read the "Introduction to the Lightning Process" book. I will happily provide instructions on where/how to purchase this.


Discussion and telephone assessment interview.


Phase 2


The 3 day Lightning Process Training Program.


The Lightning Process Training Program runs over 3 consecutive days of between 3 – 5 hours.  At the end of each day you will be given homework to do, and the training program is accompanied by a booklet. 


Day 1: 3 to 5 hours training plus homework pack.

Day 2: 3 to 5 hours training

Day 3: 3 to 5 hours training + graduation CD and certificate


Day 1 tends to be slightly longer and day 3 slightly shorter than the other days.  We will take comfort breaks in the training to accommodate your needs.


Phase 3


To ensure you are on track for making the changes you desire you will receive a follow-up telephone call as part of up to 3 hours of on-going support (To be taken within 1 year).




Fees for the whole Lightning Process as outlined above, can be found on my Fees page.


Price reductions or payment plans may be available for those of genuine need!