Lightning ProcessĀ® - How does it work?


The key to our body and brain connection lies with our ‘fight and flight response’, which is our bodies ‘Physical Emergency Response’ (PER).


Whenever the body senses a threat or stressor it naturally launches into a physical emergency response (PER), to allow us to remain safe. This system in our bodies dates back to the origin of man and our stressors have changed over the years. Originally these would have been things such as physical threats like animal attacks and injury. Today our modern day stressors are similar and different and may be things such as:



The PER stimulates the sudden activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System and produces powerful hormones - adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine, cortisol and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) - which give us a super burst of energy and impacts on our muscles and nervous system to give us the energy required to deal with a threat.


This is a normal, physical response and is only designed to be switched on, short term, as it is pretty extreme. The problem arises when we keep switching on the PER. Then these powerful hormones have a negative effect on our brain and body functions, causing disruption to normal immune, muscle and digestive system function.


Nowadays our stressors are very different and do not usually require this burst of energy and so we need to train our bodies and minds to respond differently. So when we have issues with our bosses, mortgages, relationships we actually need to work with calm and reason to deal with the situation and the Lightning ProcessĀ® focuses on ways to achieve this by quietening the over active PER, which in turn allows us to restore a good functioning immune and nervous system.