Lightning Process® - What is it?

What is the Lightning Process®?


The Lightning Process® is a training programme that shows you a way to use the connection between your brain and body to help your health.  Combining concepts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and the principles behind Osteopathy, it has wide applications, with people reporting improvement with the following:





One of the core concepts of the Lightning Process® is looking at the body and brain connections, the ability of the body and brain to influence each other. It focuses on how we can use this to our advantage, allowing us to take back control of our lives and our health so we can live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives.

The body naturally wants to be well; we know this because cuts heal quite easily on their own.  Sometimes this doesn’t happen and we get stuck in a pattern of not so good health and what the Lightning Process® does is to question why this has happened, and teaches the tools for how to improve things.  Part of this process is known as neuroplasticity; a growing scientific understanding of the brains ability to learn, re-learn and change patterns of behaviour.


There are many ways of looking at physiology and the Lightning Process® particularly looks at the how the brain and the body influence each other and as a consequence have established great results.  The easiest way to establish these changes is to look at our thinking; we all have the potential to change the way we think, and by teaching you the simple steps required for this you too can experience great change. 



In the video below, Lightning Process® designer Phil Parker explains the process: