Lightning Process® - Who benefits?

In my opinion, quite simply everyone could benefit from this training. Research findings state:


'A study investigating the effectiveness of The Lightning Process® programme to treat children with mild or moderate CFS or ME finds symptoms improve,’ reports the University of Bristol.


The study, published in the BMJ the states ‘the Lightning Process is effective and is probably cost-effective when provided in addition to specialist medical care (SMC) for mild/moderately affected adolescents with CFS/ME’ and reports that participants allocated to SMC+LP, compared to those allocated to just SMC, had:



We have also noticed improvements in other disorders which I am happy to discuss with you.


If you are feeling stuck in a pattern of behaviour which is not conducive to living a happy and healthy lifestyle, then this training is for you.  By training you to have a say in how you influence your body and mind you can make the choice to live the happy and healthy lifestyle you wish for yourself.