Client Testimonials

Once you have decided to take the NexStep, it is very important to me that you feel relaxed and comfortable in order to achieve the change that you are seeking.

Here is what a few NexStep clients had to say after taking the NexStep. I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoyed helping them and seeing them make these changes, and they now enjoy living the life they love.


I attended the LP three day course with Elizabeth after having been unwell for 8 years, ( i had ME ) i had tried various " treatments" but none seemed to cure me long term of my condition.


  What can i say? After three days my world and preconceptions have been turned upside down.  I feel great and with Elizabeth's encouragement and training am well on the way to living a life i love.  To be honest i was sceptical before attending but the results speak for themselves.  Not only am i able to work 100% but also to enjoy playing sports once again. Another plus is the change it has made to my whole demeanour, i am much happier and the comments i receive from people is amazing.  They say " what have you done "?  " You seem really different"? " So much more positive "!  


I purposely waited a month before writing this so as to be sure of giving the correct feedback.  Please don't wait like i did, I can thoroughly recommend the LP to help you get your life back.


The lightening process is amazing, a magic spell which is transforming my world to a life I love.  The immediacy of its effect on my life was dramatic and using it consistently ever since has continued to help me.  I have a song I play by Joshua Radin (A brand new day) which really sums up the impact of the LP on me.  The lyrics go 


It's a brand new day
The sun is shinning
It's a brand new day
For the first time
In such a long long time
I know 
I'll be ok

Joshua Radin - Brand New Day Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

I feel so comforted knowing I have the LP in my life.  Elizabeth was a fabulous trainer, so encouraging, caring and enthusiastic and I would recommend her to anyone. 


"I am writing to thank you so much for the help you have given me through your counselling sessions.

As a client of yours I have found that you are extremely professional, very calm, warm and reassuring.

I have never had hypnotherapy and although I wanted it "to work" I did have some doubts. Well our session the other day was unbelievable! It was emotionally very exhausting but at the end I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and that I can now go forward in my life with a new confidence and self belief.

The words "thank you" are totally inadequate for what you have achieved with and for me".


I had no expectation's and didn't know what I was letting myself in for.

I was always greeted by a friendly lady who welcomed me into her home, making me feel comfortable.

She explained fully what would take place, asking about me, my wishes hopes and wants. Finding out what was important to me.

I was always given time, never rushed but remarkably kept to the hour. The setting was peaceful without interruptions or distractions.

Elizabeth used different techniques for what was to be achieved and I found them helpful and beneficial when I left her. I could practice tip's given to me and managed to succeed in tasks that I'd have failed at previously.


"Amazing Hypnotherapist/Life Coach, conducts a very professional image at all times. Warm and confident personality - outstanding ability to understand ones needs.

With strategies acquired during Elizabeth's sessions, I have now conquered two major fears that I previously held within since my early years.

At the age of 45 I now feel metaphorically released leaving the future a pleasure to explore without the hindrance of previous fears".


I was recommended to see Liz from a friend who said she was wonderful and had made considerable changes in her own life.

I was a little nervous, having never had any sort of therapy before but Liz was friendly, reassuring and incredible easy to talk too.

Together we have tackled some major issues which now I can see had stopped me being truly happy and had impacted on my health,

Not anymore! I am confident, healthy and positive and everyone has noticed the change.

I feel like a new woman. And I love her!


After struggling with my weight for over 60 years, having seeked help from Doctors and Dieticians-Elizabeth has been a breath of fresh air for me,I feel very comfortable in her sessions and I am on my way to losing weight and getting confident.

Thank you for giving me back my life!!



What can I say about Elizabeth and Hyponband "Where were they 30 years ago!!" Since meeting Elizabeth I feel like a changed person, I am now in control of my weight lose and feel fantastic, I have lost 2 stone in 10 weeks have much more energy and already feel much healthier.

I was not sure what to expect as I have never been hypnotised before, but Elizabeth put me at ease straight away & the experience was amazing. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone and already have.



I attended Hypnotherapy sessions with Elizabeth. The results were amazing and after just two sessions I was where I wanted to be.

I then decided to attend the Lightening Process course with Elizabeth, and myself and my family are amazed at the instant results. My son has commented that I am much calmer and my partner has said he is walking into a new household when he returns from work in the evening.

I didn't appreciate just how my negative thinking and my ability to edit out the good bits of my life was getting me down and holding me back in having the life I love. I cannot recommend it and Elizabeth enough. If you have any doubt at all, just do it and be committed doing it and you will get the results you want.

Thank you so much.



I had been putting off writing my testimony, as the changes are still happening!  Here it is anyway...
I learnt the Lightning Process with Elizabeth one year ago.  I have been able to understand myself better, and stop unwanted thoughts which gave me anxiety symptoms.  Elizabeth asked me "what makes you happy?"  I had never been asked that before, so I began to see life through different eyes.  I also discovered I held limiting beliefs, and these are being released.  I would encourage anyone to do the Lightning Process, it gives you hope.  I also recommend Elizabeth, she is a super coach.